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Open letter to Konrad Yakabuski

Konrad Yakabuski published an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail on Aug. 17 with the headline How ‘bold’ will Mélanie Joly’s broadcasting policy be?. It’s a good question, and one the WGC is keen to have answered, hopefully via the Minister’s “vision statement,” upcoming in September. The WGC also agrees that it’s essential to find new funding models that will take Canadian programs into the future, something Yakabuski’s colleague, Kate Taylor, astutely points out in an Aug. 18 article (Cancon television regulations need updating in the age of streaming). And it goes without saying that we want to see more Canadian programs viewed the world over. But just as there is no perfect formula for hit shows, nor is there a magic potion that creates “export potential.” First, you support your creators, and make sure that the support evolves to reflect the new technological realities. But we’d be remiss not to point out that Yakabuski’s article contains some incorrect information about the industry as it stands today, and draws some dubious conclusions. 

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WGC Applauds Government for Rejecting CRTC Decision

The WGC is extremely pleased to announce that Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly and the federal cabinet have sent back the flawed CRTC decision of May (reducing spending on Canadian programming) for reconsideration. WGC Executive Director Maureen Parker, speaking to the Globe and Mail about the decision, notes that it's "a very definitive signal to the entire broadcasting community – including the internet service providers – that creators are important to the system. Canadian screenwriters, directors, actors, producers, we’re important to the growth and the health of our industry. Obviously we’re facing many new challenges. … Our broadcasters are going to have to be creative and competitive. Undermining their talent pool, that’s not the answer.”

Read the government's statement about the decision here and the WGC press release here.

Sherry White, Mina Shum Honoured at Birks Diamond Tribute

Congratulations to WGC members Sherry White and Mina Shum, who will be honoured at the fifth annual "Birks Diamond Tribute to the Year’s Women in Film" at the Toronto International Film Festival. A pan-Canadian jury of 27 arts and cultural journalists and bloggers chose twelve Canadian female screenwriters, directors, and actors for their outstanding work. You can find out more about the tribute here.

WGC Responds to Broadcasters' Open Letter on Cabinet Petition

The WGC issued a press release today in response to an open letter in the Hill Times yesterday from broadcaster groups Bell Media, Corus Entertainment and Rogers Media.  In the open letter broadcasters want a recent CRTC decision to slash spending requirements on programs of national interest to stand.  Read our press release here.

Open Letter to Minister Joly

The Writers Guild of Canada joins industry partners in an open letter asking Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly to refer back or set aside the CRTC decisions of May reducing spending on Canadian programming. This programming includes drama, documentaries, children's programs and more, programming that reflects Canada to audiences at home and around the world. You can read the letter to Minister Joly here

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